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Slow And Steady Wins The Race

"SSWTR is a conceptual clothing and accessory line that reinterprets the classical everyday wardrobe. It is built on the belief that high design can be, and should be, accessible to all. We helped them create some patterned items for their first ever kids collection.

The prints are inspired by the classic "guess this picture" games found in kids activity books and line drawings of classic Slow and Steady Wins the Race items.

Sized for age 2-12, the collection includes a rain poncho, an apron dress with mystery pockets, overalls with a variety of fastenings, a pyramid shaped backpack, and a clever swimsuit with a mesh pocket to carry home beachside treasures.

The will be for sale on the SSWTR website as well as in store at Creatures of Comfort, 205 Mulberry Street, NYC.

And now you can design your own special Apron dress from the collab. The dress is a sleeveless cross back apron style and has four secret mystery pockets perfect for hiding all types of treasures.Dress is made in super soft 100% Cotton Poplin. The thoughtfully designed custom printed style can be yours for $164. What will you upload? Let your imagination run wild!
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