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Print All Over Me is a made to order slow fashion company with a focus on high quality, speciality silhouettes. We print high quality designs on a variety of silhouettes from mesh jumpsuits, neoprene trench coats to cotton tee shirts. As a zero waste company, we order fabrics first to print every item, and then we cut and sew. 

As such, we are made to order with zero inventory waste.


Print All Over Me is a community. We want to make sure that everyone that creates and shops on PAOM acts in a collegial way and understands PAOM and the value that we provide. By creating an account on Print All Over Me, you are allowing anyone to make and purchase your design. You can always delete a design if you do not want anyone to purchase it. Official collaborators can hide designs at any time.

PAOM engages in collaborations with artists and members of the PAOM community, experiential installations and activations, and custom wholesale projects. For more information, email us at


Our collab studio is based in New York City's Greenwich Village and Brooklyn. Our main production studio is outside Shanghai and we have a satellite studio outside of Savannah, Georgia.