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Love Bailey

Love Bailey, the Scarlett Woman of the Savage Ranch, is launching a collection of clothing (in collaboration with Print All Over Me) printed with black and white images shot on her queer sanctuary known as the Savage Ranch with her iconic phrase “Slather it up!” painted all over it.

These images of her beautiful queer sanctuary have been shot over the 5 years since the journey of the ranch began. The Savage Ranch is a queer artist sanctuary dedicated to providing a safe space for marginalized artists to create art free from discrimination of any kind. This tee shirt and bandana are a representation of that freedom to express yourself with whatever color you wish to choose. Free your mind, love yourself and Slather it up!

All the proceeds of this collection will go to benefit Folx Healthcare & Trans Youthline to provide medical resources such as HRT (hormone therapy) to Trans, Nonbinary & Intersex people all around the US. Just in time for pride, by purchasing this limited edition collection created by a trans woman for her community, you can help save a life to provide medical resources to kids suffering with the struggle with gender dysphoria and help find their chosen identity.


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