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Ahh Sweet Death in Spring


It's spring, and the flowers of NYC are in full bloom early this year. I appreciate them every spring: but this year is special. As we are limited on our outings due to Social Distancing, I am extra appreciative of all the new life and the beauty surrounding me. The gardens, the insects, the blue skies on a beautiful day, even the gray skies and the spring rain. The planet is thriving, and we are resting. Mother earth is inspiring me to dream in even more color than before. My influences remain the same, but are magnified. I strive to be a rainbow in the darkness, and a light in uncertain times. Happy Mother's day to Mother Earth: this collection is dedicated to you.

Ahh Sweet Death is the love child of the cute and the macabre. Born and raised in central California, their influences are inspired by a mixed cultural upbringing, and an early introduction to Santeria/Black magic and fortune telling. Additionally, artistic influences and creative sidekicks are traditional tattooing, California skate/surf culture, Portland weirdness, LGBTQ culture, Asian and Mexican folk art, nature, and all things cute and creepy. With a background in Interior Design and Anthropology, their design style is influenced by folk art and folklore globally, as well as symbolism in each culture.

Ahh Sweet Death is an artist and print designer from Portland, OR, who now resides in NYC. Instagram @ahhsweetdeath