About us

How it works

Every three months, we release a series of silhouettes like t-shirts, backpacks, jockstraps, etc. As a designer, you can upload your own artwork to each silhouette and then offer your design for sale. Everytime someone purchases your design you'll receive at least 20% of the sale.

Slow Fashion

Every piece on PAOM is custom made. We print the fabric first and then cut and sew. We believe that by taking fashion slowly we can: a. offer high quality items; b. produce in an environmentally sustainable way; c. (and most importantly) offer our studio employees a living wage and health benefits.

Our Team

Our office and collab studio is based in New York City's Greenwich Village. Our main production studio is outside Shanghai and we have a satellite studio in Georgia, outside Savannah. If you ever want to stop by our offices and meet the PAOM team, feel free to contact us! hi@printallover.me.