Masie Maeve Myfawnwy

Brooklyn Based Artist And Designer's Crazy Monochrome Marbleized Prints

Our most recent collaboration is with artist, fashion and textile designer, Maisie Maeve Myfawnwy. Maisie was raised off-the-grid in rural Maine and now lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Her recent work explores optical illusion and topography as a way to express the surrealism of our mindscape.

By floating inks on a buoyant surface and using movement to push and pull, the artist is able to capture a sense of three-dimensionality organically and without digital manipulation. The “FondIllusion” series is an illustration of our interior universe, where we defy gravity and physical limitations. Within our minds we hold an infinite dreamscape, an endless curving field of possibility. Check out the collab look book and read our Q and A with Maisie below!