Print All Over Me offers you the best products and quality for any wholesale order.

A few things that make us great:

  1. We print all over...everything. Because we print our fabric first and then cut and sew, we work with the best quality fabrics and printing technology available.
  2. Wholesale discounts start at 20 pieces, and that includes up to 4 different prints!
  3. We offer custom products. Need 100 tiny backpacks for some parakeets...done. Need 50 life-size pillows of Keanu Reeves...done. Need a printed leather t-shirt for your LARP community...we got you.
  4. Most importantly! We have two amazing factories that we privately own (outside Savannah and Shanghai.) All of our employees are paid a living wage and receive full healthcare coverage.

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Frequently Asked Wholesale Questions

Do you have a pricing for bulk orders of your silhouettes?

We do! To receive our wholesale pricelist, submit your quote request above or email us at

Are there minimum order requirements?

Typically no, but to receive a wholesale price discount, orders start at 20 pieces. And that can be 20 pieces of multiple different sizes, and up to 4 different prints.

What is your studio's production process?

We typically offer a set of samples to confirm the color and quality of your order. Then once you've approved the sample, we go into production. This typically takes about 4 weeks, but can be shorter or longer depending on the order.

Can we get custom labels on our silhouettes?

Absolutely! We offer both printed and woven labels.

What are your standard turnaround times for wholesale orders?

On average, a whole order takes about 4 weeks.

What are your shipping rates?

This depends where we're shipping too, how fast you want your order, and your order size. We typically work with standard shippers like FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do!

Do you accept purchase orders from schools, non-profits, government entities and similar organizations?

We sure do!

Do you provide any design resources to help with our project?

Absolutely! We have team of designers who can help you through the process of creating your artwork and getting it ready for production.

I have a very unique product in mind. Do you offer customized orders if my product is not listed within your available silhouettes?

YASS! We love weird projects. The stranger the better! Since we print first and then cut and sew, we can make ANYTHING.