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Designer Notes

Sacred Geometry is the visualization of the algorithm of life and the interconnectivity of all that exists within the physical / non-physical realms. We are all connected to one another, to the plants, animals, insects, the wind, water, fire, earth... Everything in physical reality is manifested through the Sacred Geometry proportions. Every single thing in creation... Music, emotions, feelings, energy, plants, our bodies... All is created out of an unique sign wave signatures, that when becoming physical comes out of sacred geometry proportions. It represents the physical life emerging out of the spiritual realm.

About our Men's Button Down


100% cotton / Made in our studio (Shanghai / Machine wash cold. Tumblr dry and iron with low heat. Do not bleach.

Silhouette Details

For the fellas! You know what I'm saying. Yeah, neither do I. But it doesn't matter, because this button down communicates respect even if you can't.

This style features a spread shirt collar. The cuffs are finished with a buttoned placket. There is a patch pocket on the left breast.

For best results, make sure that the image you upload is at least 34"h x 55”w. 72DPI: 1080px x 2952px. 250DPI: 3750px x 10250px. You can upload a PNG or JPG. Since every piece is custom made, it may take 2-4 weeks for delivery.


Machine wash cold. Tumblr dry and iron with low heat. Do not bleach.