La Bernin' Girlie Weekend at Bernie's Beach Hat

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Designer Notes

La Bernin' Girlie Weekend at Bernie's Beach Hat is a limited edition for Summer 2016. All profits from the sales of La Bernin' Girlie merchandise will be donated to Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign. Sales profit from the La Bernin' Girlie Bikini is $27 (the average donation for all Bernie Sanders campaign donors). Drawing by Ambre Kelly, 2016.

About our Bucket Hat


100% Polyester Canvas

Silhouette Details

IMPORTANT** Because of the construction of the bucket hat, right now we cannot promise that your uploaded image will look exactly like the product made - we suggest uploading an all over print so that placement doesn't need to be precise.

You can upload a PNG or JPG. / For best results, make sure your image is at least 13" (W) x 13"(H). 72DPI: 1080px x 1080px or 250DPI 3250px x 3250px.

Since every piece is custom made, it may take 2-4 weeks for delivery. / Made in our studio (Shanghai)


Machine wash cold and hang dry. Do not iron or bleach.