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Designer Notes

The Pleiades companions of Artemis, were the seven daughters of the titan Atlas and the sea-nymph Pleione born on Mount Cyllene. Pegasus is one of the best known creatures in Greek mythology.

About our VP Neoprene Full Skirt


Your print will cover the front and back of the skirt / The backside will mirror the front / Body is 100% Polyester Neoprene / Dry clean only / Made in our studio (Shanghai).

Silhouette Details

For best results, make sure that the image you upload is at least 43" (W) x 30" (L). 72 DPI: 3096px x 2160px or 250DPI: 10750px x 7500px. You can upload a PNG or JPG. Since every piece is custom made, it may take 2-4 weeks for delivery. Designers will receive 10% of all sales from VP products.


Machine wash cold and hang dry. Do not iron or bleach.