What is PAOM?

Print All Over Me is a place to make, sell, buy, share pretty, ugly, wacky designs.

How does PAOM work?

Print All Over Me revolutionizes the traditional design and manufacturing business model by giving users the tools to create, sell, produce and buy bespoke products on-demand with zero investment and zero inventory.

Here's how it works:

Every season, we release a new edition of blank silhouettes[i]. To create a shoppable product, simply upload your artwork to your silhouette of choice, then tag and publish your design to your PAOM profile. We take care of everything else, including production, payment processing, order tracking and fulfillment.
You can also limit access to your shoppable products so only you or your PAOM groups can see them; or, you can publish them to the PAOM store so other designers and shoppers can browse, share and buy your products.
Really, that's it. If you can imagine it, you can make it! And, of course, you retain full ownership and copyright to your creations.

Print All Over Me allows users to profit from their great designs! Any time someone purchases one of your designs, you will receive 20% of the sale in cash via paypal or 40% in store credit (it's your choice)*. If you are a PAOM+ subscriber [i], you can even set your own price and earn 100% of the difference above PAOM's retail price. *Commissions are issued quarterly with cash commissions paid via PayPal, and monthly for gift card comissions. For more details on selling and earning money, please view our TERMS and CONDITIONS.

The sky is the limit on Print All Over Me. With over a million designs on the site, if you dream it, you can buy it! Whether you're looking for a gift for your best friends' dog wedding shower to your grandfather's 80th bat-mitzvah, the search tools we have implemented allow you to narrow down your search with a few key words. We also do a number of collaborations with amazing artists whose designs you can purchase!
Here's how to get started:

  • Browse our PAOM Collaborations, featuring our designers from around the world each week;
  • Search your favorite design styles and/or silhouettes by keyword, such as "anime t-shirts" or "cat sweatshirts"
  • Follow Us on your go-to social media platform. Find us on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Polyvore, and of course, Instagram.

At Print All Over Me, we make everything custom and on-demand. Once a product is added to the Print All Over Me cart, we continue to oversee the full manufacturing and fulfillment cycle, from checkout to delivery. We even manage returns!

This means you carry zero inventory as a designer. You only produce what you sell with no upfront fees or additional costs. In addition, you can sit back with peace of mind that each order will be carefully printed and hand-sewn at Print All Over Me's in-house studios in Swainsboro, GA, and Shanghai, where all our employees benefit from full-time status and full healthcare coverage, and earn at least four times a fair wage.

To learn more about our digital printing process, please see Our Printing Process. For B2B or wholesale inquiries, see Wholesale and Custom Orders.

Is PAOM for designers only?

Not at all! You can join and support the PAOM community by simply following your favorite designers, or even better, buying one of their designs for yourself!
If you enjoy being inspired by great design, we also encourage you to curate your own store, or share and tag your favorite designs with #printalloverme.

Who's behind PAOM?

At Print All Over Me, we are designers, technologists, merchants, and artisans with a shared desire to build the tools and community necessary for you to create and shop beautiful things.
We produce our pieces in Shanghai and Swainsboro, Georgia. Our design and technology is in New York City's Greenwich Village.

Where is PAOM located? Can I visit a PAOM store?

Our design and technology studio is located in New York City. Our in-house production and fulfillment studios are in Shanghai and Swainsboro, Georgia.
At this time our PAOM store is online only.

What are PAOM's copyright and privacy policies?

We take copyright very seriously at Print All Over Me and make it a point to not produce any designs that are not original. View our full Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

How can I contact PAOM?

It's easy! Email us at team@printallover.me. We will get back to you as soon as we can, usually within two business days. In times of high volume, our response time may increase.

What does PAOM stand for?

PAOM stands for Print All Over Me.

What's a Silhouette?

A silhouette refers to an individual blank design object, such as the blank t-shirt or jumpsuit, on which you can upload your artwork to create your shoppable, virtual product.

What's an Edition?

Each season, about every three months, we release a collection of 6-8 silhouettes which are free for all users to design with. Each of these collections is a called an edition and sequentially numbered.

What does "Custom made on demand" mean?

All PAOM designs are made to order in one of our design studios in Swainsboro, GA, or Shanghai. This means each item is only printed and assembled after you order it--so everything you order from PAOM is made exactly to your specifications!

What is "Slow Fashion"?

Print All Over Me believes that fashion shouldn't be cheap, disposable, anonymous, or made in poor conditions.

That's why we coined the term "slow fashion." Slow fashion refers to the mindful approach we take to design and production. Our goal is to offer you, the shopper, custom-made design of the highest quality and the richest material. And most importantly, it means that we maintain a commitment to sustainable production practices and ethically manufactured goods!

And the best part -- each time you purchase a PAOM garment, accessory, or home good, you're not just buying something cool, you're supporting an artist.

What's a Collaboration?

For each design collaboration, Team PAOM works closely with one amazing artist or designer to create exclusive PAOM content on our latest silhouettes. We plan to launch one new collaboration a week for the remainder of 2015, and will switch over to a once-a-month format beginning in 2016.

What's a Featured Artist?

A featured artist is a PAOM designer highlighted by Team PAOM for their awesome work. We love recognizing the magnitude and diversity of talent in our PAOM community, and introduce featured artists about once a week via Instagram, Facebook, and/or special mailers. Keep an eye out to see what your fellow PAOMers are designing!


Said one member of the PAOM team: "How don't you start?" PAOM designs come from everywhere, whether it's a design you scanned or a photograph that inspired you. Once you've chosen what you'd like to see on a garment of your own, you can choose one of our exclusive PAOM silhouettes and upload your image to it! From there, you can play with the size and placement of your image until it looks the way you want.

Will the real piece look exactly as it appears online?

At PAOM, we do everything we can to make sure your product looks exactly the way it was designed. That said, there may be some small differences between your virtual product and the final production piece due to the movement of fabric during the printing process and slight shrinking during the steaming process. In addition, garment pattern piecesmust be cut with the correct grain of the fabric. This may cause alignment issues in certain areas of the garment, for example: where the sleeve meets the shirt at the armhole, or any place where a dart, pocket, or gathering is added.

Do I need an image editor such as Adobe Photoshop(r) in order to design?

Nope! You don't need any professional design tools to use PAOM. You can change the size or placement of your image on any silhouette creation page--or even use our "repeat" tool to create a pattern.

How do I know if my image quality is good enough to print?

Once you choose a silhouette for your design, please check the description on that silhouette's creation page. The description will give you guidance on the image quality we recommend for that particular garment.

Will the colors on the produced piece matches my image exactly?

We recommend that you consult each product description for guidance on which image file format will produce the highest color fidelity as this will vary based on fabric.

My photo is a little blurry, can PAOM sharpen the image for me?

PAOM is not able to sharpen designers' uploaded images. When uploading, please follow our site's recommendations for image quality for best results.

Can I order a fabric or print sample?

We don't offer fabric or print sampling at this time, but hope to include this in our features by late 2016.

How can I resize my design?

You can resize your design on PAOM once you've uploaded it onto your desired silhouette by increasing or decreasing the percentage of the garment your pattern covers in the box directly under your virtual product. If the image is too large, you can try decreasing the percentage from 100% to 70%, for instance. If you'd like to create a pattern, you can check the "repeat box" to the left. If your image is too small even at 100%, you can try increasing above 100% until your image is at your desired size and coverage.