Monstera Jungle Bandana by Frank-Joseph

$ 29.00

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Designed by FJPaints
My take on the oh-so-trendy Monstera deliciosa (aka "Swiss Cheese Plant," or the Split-Leaf Philodendron), inspired by trip to Mexico last year. Original leaves were painted at 9"x12." Watercolor on paper.

The product is printed on both sides

The uploaded file will be printed on the entire front and be mirrored on the back. Because of our cut and sew process some print elements on pockets seams and sleeves might not match up. For best results please upload a PNG or JPG with RGB color profile and dimensions of at least 25 inches width by 25 inches length. DPI can be as low as 72.

Hand wash in cold water and hang dry.

22 by 22 inch bandana made with brushed poly for a clear print and smooth texture.