PAOM x Blockstack

For many years Print All Over Me has been looking into different ways to leverage the technology behind decentralization and cryptocurrency, and are now building out some technology to have a decentralized version of Print All Over Me on the blockstack platform.

What does this mean?

1) If you are a designer, you will own all the data concerning your design sales, returns, fraud, and site traffic (i.e. analytics).

2) If you are a designer, you will have complete control over who can access your designs.

3) If you are a designer, you will be paid a royalty immediately via cryptocurrency. Not quite sure yet how returns and fraud will work...

4) If you are NOT a designer, then we can be experiment with alternate ways of remunerating you via cryptocurrency (such as blockstack's tokens perhaps). It is our belief that shoppers, designers and curators are as valuable to PAOM, or any sales and social network, as top sellers or advertisers.

5) Eventually, we see a future where you will be able to choose your manufacturer, or supplier, monitor the supply chain of the goods that you order, and contribute to a zero-inventory, near zero-marginal cost, sustainable future.

Will this hurt Print All Over Me's Business??

Maybe... But that is okay. Our goal is to innovate design and manufacturing through technology and collaboration. As long as we can keep a roof over our heads, food on our table, and fabulous PAOM clothing on our backs, we have all we need.

Who at PAOM is working on this crazy thing???

Our main priority is making clothing, but the two team members working on this are Meredith and Alex. You can contact them via

We are checking in the code for this project at github repo.