We are upgrading up our payout system and making it super awesome - however that means we are moving to quarterly payments. So after July payout the next payout is in November 2017 for August 2017-October 2017.

40% giftcard members continue to get monthly payouts

If you want you money in realtime we are offering free shopify integration until Novemeber

This is a modified PAOM PRO

You only get access to basic and current silhouettes, no custom label or white label, and no paom pro support, and the manufacturing cost is 90% instead of 80%.

However you get the money immediately in your bank account, and you can set your own price so you can make more money. We will also cross link your item with your shopify store piece.

If you are interested in this or have questions email paompro@printallover.me

Thanks for working with us, our goal is to give realtime payouts, so bear with us as we take this moment to upgrade the system.

Let us know if you have any questions at hi@printallover.me.